Money on your account in fifteen minutes? Many loan companies make these promises. Some clients still have a lot of distance approaching these assurances, but their number decreases over time. Mainly because the next ones are convinced that loans in 15 minutes actually exist.

What’s more, they are slowly becoming the norm on the Polish financial services market. Poles like them because they can receive the support they need without having to deal with unnecessary formalities, without extending them by force or filling out a stack of documents. Simple rules are the most characteristic feature of popular loans, also called payday loans. What else makes them different?

Formalities reduced to one application

In most cases, loans in 15 minutes are granted on a very simple basis. A potential borrower completes a simple application via the Internet. These are just a few fields related to personal data and the form of employment. You should not be afraid that without a contract of employment you will not have a chance of a loan. Well, this kind of support is granted to many people, including those working irregularly or receiving social benefits. After completing the mandatory fields, just click the send icon. In general, the company quickly sends an answer, situations when you need to clarify any additional doubts are rare.

Money on the account

If the application is successful, the money will appear in your account almost immediately. Especially if you have an account with one of the banks to which the loan company makes so-called quick transfers. Their list can be checked on the entity’s website. It is worth doing it before sending the application. Especially people who really need a loan in 15 minutes must bear this in mind. If you take care of such details, the amount may be available even under a quarter of an hour. Otherwise, you may have to wait a day or two for the transfer.

Small amounts and affordable interest

Payday loans are often associated with high additional fees or high interest rates. In fact, however, more and more of them are taking on really good terms. Many companies of new clients tempt even with zero interest provided that the amount due is paid in due time. This loan ultimately costs nothing, all you have to do is pay back the sum you borrowed. It is rarely particularly dizzying. Loan companies usually specialize in small financial support.

It amounts to several hundred, maximum several thousand zlotys. However, this is not a disadvantage, but an advantage also from the point of view of customers. Generally, they need a little home budget improvement until they receive another payday. The less they borrow, the easier they will pay off the debt. A lower loan is also a debt that can be taken on more attractive terms. It’s easy to check, using the comparison engine on a given company’s website.



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